A Beautiful Backyard Wedding on Upper Chemong Lake

By: Alex Karn

Tiffany and Patrick’s Story

Amanda and David Jones met in May of 2015 and started dating that fall. Just two months later, David took Amanda’s father out for breakfast and asked for his permission to marry her. “I had a lot of things ready to say to him to convince him because we had been dating for such a short time, but he said yes right away and I was off to get a ring,” David recalls.

The proposal itself didn’t go quite as smoothly however. David took Amanda out on a hike right before her family’s big Christmas party on December 19th. They stopped at a beautiful frozen waterfall and he got down on one knee. “Before he could finish proposing I stopped him. I didn’t want to have to announce our proposal to my whole family that night, especially since many of them hadn’t even met him yet,” she explains.

As they walked back to her father’s house, Amanda shared her concerns and the couple agreed to keep their engagement secret until after the party. “He got down on one knee again and this time I said yes. We kept the ring hidden when we went back to the house and my parents were so confused because they had been expecting to see it on my finger,” laughs Amanda.

Once the news was out, the couple were engulfed in support from their friends and family members. They got married on June 4th, 2016 on Amanda’s parents’ property. “My dad built this huge multi-tiered deck for the ceremony and dancing, and my friends offered to help with photography, videography, cake, decorating and so many other things. We felt so supported and loved through the whole process. All we really did was book the tent and catering.”

The wedding was casual and rustic, with a purple and white colour scheme. “It was perfect, with flawless weather and beautiful calm water. Everyone sat on the lawn facing the water for the ceremony and my parents strung these gorgeous hanging stars from the branches of a big tree in the yard. It looked spectacular once the stars came out and everyone stayed late to dance with us. It was just a really fun party for everyone.”

Amanda had initially ruled out the mermaid style for her wedding dress, but she fell in love with one that she found at Antoinette Bridal Boutique in Peterborough. “It was strapless with lace and sequins, and had the most beautiful train I’d ever seen,” she says. “My bridesmaids wore long, flowing lilac coloured dresses and the groomsmen wore grey suits and vests with lilac bowties.”

The couple enjoyed a honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera following their wedding. When asked what advice they would give couples just beginning their wedding planning journey, Amanda responded, “Use your planning guide! There are so many helpful checklists, guidelines, so make use of them.”

“Read books about relationships and don’t forget to communicate,” David adds. “Don’t let the little things get personal and remember that your wedding is about the two of you and what you want, so enjoy it!”